Dog Fouling

Published: 15 April 2020

Since lockdown commenced in March 2020 Flintshire County Council has seen an increase in complaints regarding dog fouling incidents. All dog owners have a duty of care to pick up after their pets and keep Flintshire free from dog waste. Working with local communities, our Enforcement Officers are patrolling hot spot areas and engaging with the public to educate about these issues.

Flintshire County Council’s Public Space Protection Order requires that:


  • You must pick up your dog waste and dispose of it correctly 
  • You must have a means on you to pick up your dog’s waste (e.g dog waste bag) 
  • Certain areas are classified as dog exclusion zones: 
    • Equipped children’s play areas 
    • The playing areas of marked sports pitches 
    • The playing areas of formal recreation areas including, but not exclusively, bowling greens and tennis courts o All areas within school grounds 
  • You must place your dogs on a lead when instructed to do so by an approved officer of the Authority 
  • You must place your dog on a lead when in a cemetery. 


Throwing away dog waste that you have picked up in a bag is classed as litter and you can still receive a Fixed Penalty Notice. Please dispose of your dog waste correctly by using:


  • A dog waste bin 
  • A litter bin 
  • Or take it home with you. 
Flintshires Environmental Crime Enforcement Officers are patrolling our public spaces, engaging with members of the public. Where an offence is observed, a Fixed Penalty Notice will be issued on the spot for £75.00


To report issues in your area please call our Streetscene Contact Centre on 01352 701234


Visit the Flintshire Government website.

We will need you to provide us with a location, a postcode and any relevant information about the issues in your area (time / date / type of dog committing offence).