Community Council


Hawarden Community Council was formed in 1985 as the successor Authority to the former Hawarden Parish Council.

The Community Council comprises four electoral wards i.e Aston, Ewloe, Hawarden and Mancot. There are twenty Councillors representing the interests of approximately 13,000 residents. At the head of the Council is the Chairman, who is elected annually from amongst the serving Councillors.

The Community Council employs staff on a full and part-time basis. The staff work jointly for Broughton and Bretton Community Council. The Council also provides a maintenance service for Shotton Town Council.

The Community Council's Offices are located at 113 The Highway, Hawarden (see 'contact us') but holds its meetings in the Scout Headquarters, Gladstone Playing Fields, 113 The Highway, Hawarden. Members of the public are welcome to attend all meetings of the Council and its Committees. The meetings are held at 6.30pm on the second Monday of each month excluding August when the Council is in recess.

Previous Chairs

85/86 Cllr J P Edwards
86/87 Cllr Mrs M Sephton
87/88 Cllr J S Moore
88/89 Cllr Mrs P L Yale
89/90 Cllr Mrs J Gibson
90/91 Cllr Mrs E Prestidge
91/92 Cllr P A R Bernie
92/93 Cllr J P Edwards
93/94 Cllr D J Edwards
94/95 Cllr J B Jones
95/96 Cllr Mrs G D Diskin JP
96/97 Cllr Mrs R B Fox

97/98 Cllr R Small
98/99 Cllr T Middlehurst
99/00 Cllr D G Parry
00/01 Cllr Mrs L Armstrong
01/02 Cllr P J Walkden
02/03 Cllr A G Diskin
03/04 Cllr Mrs M Aitken
04/05 Cllr R O'Gorman
05/06 Cllr Mrs J Angell
06/07 Cllr D G Parry
07/08 Cllr M E Jones
08/09 Cllr G Hardcastle

09/10 Cllr H Yale
10/11 Cllr R Small
11/12 Cllr C Carver
12/13 Cllr V Amos
13/14 Cllr J Hough
14/15 Cllr A Halford
15/16 Cllr P C Carver
16/17 Cllr G Diskin
17/18 Cllr. A.G. Diskin
18/19 Cllr. D. Mackie
19/20 Cllr G. Hardcastle
20/21 Cllr G. Hardcastle
21/22 Cllr H. Brown
22/23 Cllr R. Small