Council Services


Hawarden community council is responsible for the following services: 


  • Provision and maintenance of 500 footway lighting columns
  • Litter Collection
  • Maintenance and management of various playing fields, play areas and open spaces.
  • Custodianship of House of Correction, Glynne Way, Hawarden.
  • Custodianship of Gladstone Memorial Fountain.
  • Maintenance of Public Clock, Glynne Way, Hawarden.
  • Custodianship of Hawarden War Memorial.
  • Maintenance and planting of land adjacent to Ewloe roundabout and opposite Ewloe Green CP School.
  • Provision of roadside seats.
  • Provision of litter bins (where not provided by the County Council). 
  • Provision of village name signs at the gateway to the Villages.
  • Provision of CCTV surveillance at Ewloe (2 sites) and Aston Park.
  • Provision of financial support and encouragement to local Community groups and organisations.
  • Provision of floral displays.
  • Organisation of floral competitions.
  • Provision of festive lighting.
  • Production of Walks literature.
  • Organisation of Remembrance Day Service.
  • Provision of allotments 


Communication and Consultation

  • Production of Council newsletters.
  • Provision of notice boards.
  • Provision and regular maintenance of the Community Council's website.
  • Consultation with Flintshire County Council and other statutory bodies.
  • Response to consultation documents received from Government departments and statutory bodies.
  • Response to planning application consultations.
  • Undertaking of surveys of residents' views.

Joint Services

Staff employed by Hawarden Community Council also administer Broughton and Bretton Community Council and provide a complete maintenance service to Broughton and Bretton Community Council and Shotton Town Council.

This arrangement was recognised as a model approach of Councils pooling resources to employ direct labour to undertake functions carried out by the principal Council in other parts of the County - Research Study into the Role, Functions and Future Potential of Community and Town Councils in Wales - University of Wales, Aberystwyth 2003.



Any questions, information or further details relating to the work or services of the Community Council should be directed to the Clerk and Financial Officer, Hawarden Community Council, Council Offices,113 The Highway, Hawarden, Flintshire CH5 3DL. Tel: 01244 533692.